Have a question or concern about our seamless gutters, rain gutters, or the gutter installation process? See frequently asked questions below.

Q. Why do I need gutters?
A building needs gutters to assist with many different issues. For example, gutters prevent erosion of the property. If rain flows freely off a roof without gutters, that water can cause more and more erosion as it hits the ground. If your foundation becomes eroded as a result, you may start to notice uneven floors and cracked walls. Gutters can also protect your garden beds, prevent basements from flooding, and safeguard the siding of your home. And wherever standing water collects, mosquitoes like to swarm, so having gutters can go a long way in preventing your home from becoming mosquito breeding ground. Last but not least, gutters are aesthetically pleasing, helping to give your home a more “finished” look. Click Here To Learn More.
Q.When should I replace my gutters?
How often you perform maintenance on your gutters will determine when they need to be replaced, but it’s safe to assume that if you have steel or vinyl gutters, you’ll need to replace them at some point. To avoid excessive costs and lengthy repairs, you should replace your gutters as soon as any rust appears. Rust will often be seen as little orange speckles showing through the paint, rusty-colored stains at the end of the downspouts, or stains at gutter seams that are separated and leaking. Gutters rust from the inside out. When they begin to show rust on the outside, it means the inside is rusting through. But because standing water is often the culprit, the gutter may only need to be repaired in one or two areas.
Q. What type of gutters should I get?
At Kustom Gutters, we recommend seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts. Seams often begin to leak over time. With seamless aluminum gutters manufactured on-site with our precision gutter machine, you’ll be set up with continuous runs of gutter, eliminating the possibility of future seam-related leaks.
Q. How much do you charge to install new gutters?
Every home and client has different needs, so different costs apply. We invite you to schedule an appointment to receive a free quote, through which we can provide you a very close estimate of the cost of your gutter installation.
Q. Can you just repair my old gutters?
Unfortunately, a gutter repair is rarely successful. If we believe your investment is more worthwhile with new, seamless aluminum gutters, that’s what we will highly recommend. We guarantee our work, and will only tackle the job the best way we know how.
Q. Will you haul off my old gutters?
Yes! After the job is completed, our crew will clean the work area to eliminate all debris. This most certainly includes removing the dismantled gutters. Your property will be as clean (if not cleaner!) than it was before the project.
Q. Are you insured?

Kustom Gutters is fully insured. Our Certificate of Insurance will be attached to your estimate.

Q. With the financing option, is there a charge for late fees?

No, there are no late fees.

Q. Why does my home need gutters?

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Q. How can I chose the right gutter guard?

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